Born in 1970
Lives and works in Palaiseau, France

Performing Arts Licenciate (Theatre and visual Arts option)
Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris, France
Ottawa University, Canada


2012Fin de Résidence, Farm of the Commandry, Saint-Aubin, France
2011Au Commencement (at the Beginning), Crypt of Orsay, France
2009K.A.S Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Kis Galeria, Kazincbarcika, Hungary
2007Moulin d'Ors Chapel, Châteaufort, France
2006Ardoise (Slate), Espace 181, Palaiseau, France


2014Réalités Nouvelles / outside the walls, Beijing, China
Salon des Réalités nouvelles, Paris, France
International Biennale Utopia, Paris, France
Biennale of Contemporary Art, Cachan, France
2013Verrières-le-Buisson Orangery, France
Salon des Réalités nouvelles, Paris, France
Biennale of Geometric Art, Palaiseau, France
2011Janos Gallery, Paris, France
Rencontres artistiques (Artistic Meetings), Saint-Hymer, France
2010Villedo Gallery, Paris, France
Madama Butterfly, Installation-Art, Sud Gallery, Paris, France
Biennale of Contemporary Art, Cachan, France
Verrières-le-Buisson Orangery, France
2008181 au Cube, Installation-Art, Palaiseau, France
2006Saint-Ayman Chapel, Epinouze, France


2012Saint-Aubin, France
2011Décryptage (Decipherment), Orsay, France


2010Quoi Beckett, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Orléans, France

PRIVATE COLLECTIONParis, Luxembourg, Budapest, etc.
PUBLIC COLLECTIONGeneral Council of Essonne Department